Aaron Bergeson is a talented and passionate musician, composer, and producer, known for his captivating blend of classical, jazz, electronic, and rock music. With a strong foundation in production, Aaron has developed a unique and eclectic sound that draws on a wide range of musical influences.
Born in Idaho, Aaron developed a love for music at a young age, learning to play the guitar at the age of six. He continued his musical education, studying composition and production at Portland State University. Throughout his career, Aaron has honed his skills as a performer and composer, collaborating with a wide range of musicians and producing a body of work that showcases his versatility and musical range.
In addition to his work as a performer and composer, Aaron is also a talented producer and sound engineer, with a strong understanding of music production and recording techniques. He has produced numerous albums and recorded music for a variety of clients, including independent musicians, film and television projects, and other music-related projects.
With a deep commitment to musical excellence and a passion for exploring new musical territories, Aaron Bergeson is a truly unique and innovative artist. Whether he is performing live, composing new music, or producing recordings, he brings a level of creativity and musicality to every project he works on.
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