Bonneville by Aaron Bergeson
In the fall of 2021 I was tasked with coding a project in Max for live to present in a performance. This is the final product of that labor. Utilizing code in Max I created a live guitar 'rig' and controlled it for the duration of the performance using Ableton live automation. 'Bonneville' is meant to invoke the feeling of a road trip through the desert. I grew up in the high desert along the path of the Bonneville flood that occurred during the ice age forever altering the landscape. 
Pauline Oliveros: The Witness (1989)
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During my senior year at PSU I've had the opportunity to perform with the PSU laptop ensemble six times. This performance was special. We spent the term researching sound and capturing field recordings to present the piece 'The Witness' by the late Pauline Oliveros. Directed by Christi Denton (a former student of Oliveros and professor at PSU). Captured brilliantly by Lee Dunn. Supported by Sonic Matter _Openlab.
Portland State University Orchestra Project
When the pandemic began, innovation in the creative field ramped up. I was tapped to create a project for the PSU Orchestra. PSU's Orchestra director Ken Selden gave me the task of not only compiling remotely recorded performances but presenting them in a way that it felt live and as if the performers were in the same room. I met the challenge with 'Celos' and was asked to do a second. I continued beyond this project to work with the Portland Youth Philharmonic creating 4 videos for their 'live' performance series. 
KAME House, Seattle, WA
KAME House was a DIY venue in Seattle, WA. Final mix and master from room microphones and line audio by me.  
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